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For all of my adult life I have created, played and supported music on all levels. From singing at about a thousand weddings and writings songs with awesome new up and coming artists, to teaching young people about the music industry and DJ-ing at parties. But never have I been given the chance to explore music for my own pleasure. I have enjoyed creating and giving music to others and working on original material as part of a band (which I was the keyboard player for) but I've recently discovered how much I love creating music for myself. Music that really resonates with me, my experiences and the type of music I am influenced by.

I began writing a potential EP 2 years ago, writing songs that meant something to me. The truth about old feelings, fears, changes, past experiences and all whilst indulging in music by artists that inspire me (Etta James, Hozier, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Amy Winehouse and more) Suddenly people began to listen, leave comments on my videos, come to original shows and thankfully, wanted to hear more. So I released my first single 'More than my mistakes' in January 2020 and it was looking set to be a full year of original music... and then Covid happened.


Copy of Pre-save it now and be a part of

Since the pandemic struck I have managed to keep myself busy, teaching from home, creating music, building a loyal online fanbase through my Facebook live events and even managed to release my second single 'Honestly' which was a great achievement for me considering the circumstances we were all in at the time. However, it looks like life might be going back to 'normal' soon. I don't want to lose the passion I have for my music but the reality is, making an album to the quality I think it deserves is going to be tough, expensive and time consuming and in truth, I can only afford to record one song every few months. I have nearly two albums worth of material ready to lay down and really need your help to make it happen. 


With lots of amazing advice, I have decided to set up an official album campaign to raise the much needed funds, to be able to put my creativity at the heart of my life and as a way of taking my supporters on this amazing journey with me too. I want you to see inside the creative elements that make up my life and writing process, to invest in something you can connect with and share the joy at the end when milestones are reached. I aim to put together a body of work that will last a lifetime and I'd love for you to be the first to hear it, the first to own it and to be there with me throughout the whole process.


Your money will go directly into paying for studio time, musicians, cd duplications, videos, album artwork, producers, mastering, promotion and so much more. I will also be putting in as much of my own money too and am thankful for any amount of support you can give to this project. To do this properly I need about £20,000 but if I can raise half by July 2021, then I know I can get started straight away. Thank you for taking the time to check this out. I hope you are able to join the album campaign and support me. I promise to create something that will make you proud. For every donation and message of support I will be eternally grateful. You will ALL be thanked personally. Amba x


Pre-save it now (here) and be a part of the whole process from day one. My fundraising 'dream deadline' is by July 31st. 

Choose your donation option:

£10 - Digital download

£12 - Physical copy

£15 - Physical copy with name & personal thanks written in the sleeve

£20 - Physical & digital copy with name & personal thanks written in the sleeve

£30 - All of the above, with signed lyric booklet & special artwork

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